Near Museumplein | Best neighborhood of the Netherlands

Room: Delightful stay at Sézane’s Lodges in the museum district of Amsterdam | Best Bed And Breakfast (#1 eco-badge)

Rates from €99.00 per night


Room details

  • Guests: 1
  • Bed size(s): 90x200

Room conditions

  • See the due diligence process in the rental agreement for more information

Best Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam | Sézane’s Lodges

Victorian room in 1900 style, no-nonsense, minimalistic, clean, bright, and very eco-friendly. Central location, deluxe bedding, fiber internet connection, and the cutest dog, Pom. This baroque-style house contains all you need for an unforgettable visit. The delightful, typically Dutch, and personal room has a relaxing one-person bed, desk, chair, lamp, stool, and closet space. The room is clean, bright, calm, and cozy. The view is one of a kind. The sun shines in the afternoon. The Delightful Stay has a desk for remote workers and digital nomads.

Rental agreement Best Bed & Breakfast Amsterdam | Sézane’s Lodges

Due diligence process Sézane’s Lodges

A pleasure to meet digitally and looking forward to hosting you. Questions as part of the due diligence process to proceed to the check-in:

1) What is your preferred check-in time? Before 19:00, there is an extra fee of €25. Usually, it is possible, but not always. Checkouts are until 10:00 in the morning.

2) Read the guidelines and information below. Can you confirm complying with them?

3) The additional fees are €35 cleaning fee and 13% tourist taxes of the total amount. The deposit of €300 is also in cash and will be given back in cash at the checkout.

All set!

Without finalizing the due diligence process within a maximum of a week after the booking date, there is no check-in and refund. I am looking forward to having you.

Warm regards,

Sézane, owner and host

Guidelines and information Sézane’s Lodges

Thank you for choosing Sézane’s Lodges. An authentic shared home – not a hotel – for a maximum of four guests in the museum district of Amsterdam. Sézane’s Lodges has had a top rating since 2016 until now. We are grateful to have met so many wonderful people and brought the world to us. We live here. We do all the onsite management 24/7 ourselves without staff. If we go on holiday, we close the place and do not ask a B&B manager to take over; all to comply with the local regulations.

• These guidelines and information are legally binding and should be confirmed before the check-in within a maximum of a week after the booking date. They are consistent via all intermediaries and cover taxes, legislation, insurance, safety, security, privacy, and other risk and business management aspects.

The value for money is outstanding, as we make a living out of this tiny offering of three rooms in the most expensive neighborhood of the Netherlands. All while being limited by the Amsterdam regulations because of the sort of permit that Sézane’s Lodges has.

We cannot stress enough that we are not a hotel but a shared home hospitality concept. This means the different hospitality concepts in the market and other countries cannot and should not be compared. We are happy to provide more details on the local situation in Amsterdam compared to other hospitality concepts or other countries. For instance, the Amsterdam municipality asks us to provide 61 square meters of the house, which includes your bedroom, shared bathroom upstairs, and shared toilet.

A confirmation to enter your room to clean during your stay is provided upon approval of this agreement. There is no need to inform you upfront daily if you are not around.

That said, no need to worry. These guidelines and information are in place because this is a private domain, not a public hospitality concept. Sézane’s Lodges is a warm and good place.

• All liability and risks are for your account. Sézane’s Lodges is not legally accountable for anything, including accidents, losses, damages, data, security breaches, double bookings, limited budgets, travel issues, sickness, and conflicts with people, including other guests staying at Sézane’s Lodges.

• Everything is the same as on the profile to manage expectations; nothing less and nothing more. The rooms stay the way they are for specific reasons, including risk management, business productivity, and regulations.

If you expect something else, then choose another concept/business model. For example, if you want a modern house with no stairs, no dog, no sharing with others, locks on your room door, a 24/7 front desk, and so on.

• Indicate what time you would like to check in to investigate what is possible. Flexible check-ins can be agreed on and require an extra fee of €25 per person. Preferably, all check-ins between 19:00 and 23:00 (free). Storage is at Central Station, Museumplein next to Sézane’s Lodges, Schiphol Airport, and more places.

• Do come on time for the check-in. If being delayed, please let us know.

• Sézane’s Lodges has long Amsterdam stairways. Be careful with the luggage, and only bring what you can carry.

• There’s a rack in the middle of the stairway to leave your shoes. The floor is fragile, therefore this idea.

• At the check-in, a picture of your ID card will be taken.

• The building is 200+ years old. Be gentle when closing the doors, including the front door, etc. The more delicate, the better. Be careful not to break the wood or create marks on the walls.

• Close the door of your room when leaving.

• Amsterdam homes might feel colder to some, but not to most. Make yourself comfortable in Amsterdam’s climate. Bring the right clothes for the seasons and your comfy bathrobe or slippers. We have warm and comfortable deluxe bedding.

• Pictures and recordings of Sézane’s Lodges are not allowed without permission because of the insurance. Something for social media or personal memories shouldn’t be an issue. Just let us know.

• A system is applied to open the window in your room, which will be shown. Do not open it entirely because of safety and security.

• Keep the sink and mirror in the bathroom neat, and respect hygiene. In addition, keep the laundry or toiletries in your bedroom. Don’t shower between ± midnight and six in the morning, thus during the quiet hours.

• At night and early mornings, be quiet to respect people’s rest. Use headphones, be mindful of telephone calls, and so on.

• The cleaning fee of €35 is per stay or eight days. From the second week onwards, it would be €35 plus €35, and so on.

• Only put thin toilet paper down the drain, and do not put anything in the shower. Toilet paper can be flushed in the Netherlands.

• No unregistered people on the property, so only you. In case it happens, unfortunately, a police report will have to be filed immediately.

• Any misconduct will be flagged to the intermediary and local authorities. Evidence will be used, including images, recordings, meters from the detectors, third-party testimonials, and more. If you violate the rules, you will be asked to leave immediately and to refund in case of damage. There are two cameras, one in each hallway.

If you refuse to leave after being asked because of misconduct, the lawyer will file a civil case for trespassing under Dutch and international law. Financial compensation and legal consequences will add up, depending on the duration of the stay.

• We may enter your room for cleaning, and obviously for functional reasons, not to breach privacy. Furthermore, we do not have to inform you upfront daily when you are not around, when we do the cleaning, or when there is an emergency. We may act immediately and according to what is necessary for risk management purposes, based on our judgment. That is why there is no lock on the room’s door but a camera in the hall, which is also a local regulation.

If there is an emergency, if you endanger the safety of everyone and the pet, for example, if the alarm of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors go off, or if there is misconduct of any sort, we will open the door of your room, and act according to what is necessary, as both the local regulations and risk management orders.

• Turn off the lights, electricity, heating, and water when not using. We are very eco-friendly. Join the movement! Powerful for the generations to come. We are the proud owner of an eco badge with the highest degree for small businesses. That is why we don’t provide hairdryers, ventilators, and so on. Feel free to bring them with you.

• No smoking, drugs, or partying, also not near the windows and on the balconies. This is not the place for drugs and alcohol. If you smoke, then really outside the house, so downstairs. We have smoke detectors. This is also a local regulation.

• No candles or fire. The smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monitor.

• Do not bring any weapons, knives, and other similar items.

• Feel free to use the kitchen items without cooking. This is a local regulation, thus nothing to consider when reviewing the price versus quality.

• There are a lot of breakfast places, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes in the neighborhood. We will provide recommendations.

• Sézane’s Lodges hosts adults.

• Treat this place with respect, as if being at home. Keep it clean and do not cross the boundaries. This is an eco-friendly, authentic, serene, safe, and warm shared home. Sézane’s Lodges is classy, not a Mickey Mouse company, but a professional small business.

• As born and raised here, we have excellent relations with the owners’ association and everyone else. Respect our history.

• Break it? Pay it.

• Lost the keys? €15 per key to create new ones.

• Check-out? Leave the key on the kitchen sink. Want to store your luggage in the hall after check out? No problem. €10 to do so.

• If there is anything, let us know during your stay, not afterward. Otherwise, we cannot help. Always happy to help.

• Give Pommie the dog a lot of attention. Pommie never caused trouble, so if something happens, it is your responsibility. Barking when someone rings the doorbell or passes the stairway is normal dog psychology… If you don’t like that, please don’t book a place with a dog. You will love Pom for sure. He is a little piece of joy.

• Sézane’s Lodges is an excellent choice for solo travelers and women who want to explore the city, and for everyone who wants to unwind, meditate, do yoga, read, write, and disconnect otherwise from the buzz overload of society.

• Sézane’s Lodges hosts many business travelers. Invoices can only be provided when booking directly instead of via the intermediary.

Want to play the guitar or piano? Make yourself comfortable. This is your home during your stay. Sustainability, slow living, safety, personal growth, mind-building, and integrity are who we are. We enjoy meeting new and inspiring people from abroad. That is the fundament on which this tiny offering is built.

Thanks! Let’s have a wonderful time.